Front Room Theatre

Intimate original theatre with the occasional foray into the theatrical canon, available for performance in a venue near you! We are currently available to perform 'Lie Back and Think of America'. Please contact us on to ask about available dates. This production works particularly well as a tool for teaching about Brechtian theatre techniques.

Mission statement
Front Room Theatre exists to create interesting, non-literal, fully immersive, quality story-telling. To engage the audience to be an integral part of the performance rather than just passive observers. Front Room Theatre aims to make exciting, original, intimate theatre for community venues, living rooms, theatres and arts centres. We are dedicated to producing theatre that they have always wanted to see, to entertain and challenge audiences.

To create truly theatrical, non-literal, immersive theatre that is entertaining but also challenges audiences. Through producing interesting theatre, we want to encourage new people to access the arts and retain these audiences that do not necessarily have much access, if any, to professional theatre, so that they come to see productions again, but not only that, we want them to discover and access other arts activities available in the venues in which we perform. We show performances to invited audiences and gather feedback prior to charging for public performances. We exist to create opportunities for artists and audiences to find each other, to make affordable but high quality work that enables artists to make their living through their art. If you are visited by us then your fee will go towards artists' wages and costs associated with our work.

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Lie Back and Think of America
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Sarah, Joe et la guerre!
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