Harptree Festival - Evening Concert: The Swan Singers

St Margaret's Church, Somerset, BS39 5AN
Sat 6th July 2019
Conducted by Tricia Rees-Jones (Musical Director of the Harptree Music Festival) this concert brings together masterworks by two Baroque masters; Dietrich Buxtehude and Georg Frederic Handel.  Membra Jesu Nostri is a series of 7 short cantatas, each of which is named for a different part of Christ's body, starting with the feet and ending with the face.  The music is intensely moving and contemplative, mixing solo and choral movements.  
Dixit Dominus is one of Handel's best known and best loved choral works. Written at the age of 32 it fizzes with the exuberance of youth.
Google map static shot of St Margaret's Church, Somerset, BS39 5AN
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