Not Just Fish and Ships

Hull Minster, Hull, HU1 2JJ
Sat 26th October 2019
A unique theatre production in the atmospheric setting of churches...

It’s the year 664 and Whitby Abbey is hosting a Synod by royal request. Two opposing currents meet as the delegates arrive, with the date of Easter and the monks’ haircuts dominating the agenda. It’s about the power of Rome and the pull of the saints, but most of all, it’s about conformity.

And who can argue with that?

Colman for one, the impetuous Abbot of Lindisfarne. He’s pitted against the ambitious Wilfrid, Abbot of Ripon, impatient to become a bishop. King Oswy has a lot on his mind, with a north-south divide in the country and the Mercians always at his back. Caedmon is in a world of his own. It falls to Abbess Hilda to navigate these choppy waters – and to fulfil her own destiny.

A portrait of monastic life in Anglo-Saxon England, Not Just Fish And Ships is a courtroom drama with a light touch, with more than a little resonance for our own quarrelsome times.

Please note that tickets are strictly limited - please book early to avoid disappointment.

As well as online, tickets can be obtained from the Minster Shop.
50+ tickets available
Google map static shot of Hull Minster, Hull, HU1 2JJ
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