Josh Lynam Testimonial

Following his 10 yrs service to the club and the town of Keighley, the RFL have quite rightly awarded Josh
Lynam a testimonial season.
Rugby League is not a very well paid sport and the testimonial season can go a long way to securing a players and indeed his family's future once their playing days are over. Nowadays it is rare for a player to stay at any club for 10 years and it is even more special when it is in his home town. Despite many offers over the years from other clubs Josh has always stayed faithful to Keighley Cougars, never playing for any other club during his professional career.

In the coming months you will notice a lot of activity and publicity that will advertise the events that we have planned for Josh. You can get involved in a number of ways ranging from simply attending an event to
advertising in his testimonial program or even sponsoring an event.

Please support Josh as much as you can. He deserves it.

Thank you on behalf of the Josh Lynam testimonial committee.

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Forthcoming Events

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