Abraham: Out of One, Many Opening Conversation & Reception

Just Festival at St John's Church, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ
Fri 2nd August 2019
Hosted by CARAVAN Arts

Join us for the opening event of the 2019 Just Festival celebrating the three faith traditions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Speakers are Rev Paul-Gordon Chandler (CEO, CARAVAN), curator of the 'Abraham: Out of One, Many' exhibition at St John’s Church, and Qais Al Sindy, an Iraqi artist whose paintings are displayed as part of the exhibition. The event will focus on different interpretations of biblical stories seen through the prism of the three faith traditions. We will celebrate the artistic collaboration between the artists and address questions about dialogue between religious groups and divided communities; reconciliation, and whether there are currently places, apart from arts exhibitions, where three traditions live peacefully side by side.
Google map static shot of Just Festival at St John's Church, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ
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