From Syria to Scotland

Just Festival at St John's Church, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ
Tue 20th August 2019
Chair: Tom Lea (Alwaleed Centre, University of Edinburgh)                                                                              
Panelists: Nadin Akta (Syrian Futures Project, University of Edinburgh), Ammar Albawab (Chef, Pomegranate Takeaway), Marwa Daher (Media student, City of Glasgow College), Liz McArthur (Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland), Estifa'a Zaid (Student Action for Refugees, University of Edinburgh)

Scotland has welcomed more than 2,500 refugees from Syria since the devastating conflict began in 2011. The initial challenges of transitioning to a very different culture and environment can be incredibly hard for many new Scottish Syrians. But what about the longer-term challenges of building a new life in a very different country? How do young Syrians in Scotland navigate their way through the education system and onto further/higher education or employment? How do professional Syrians find fulfilling jobs and careers that suit their skill sets and expertise? In this conversation we will hear from Scottish Syrians who have made that transition, as well as organisations who support refugees through the process. We will also consider what we can all do to help our Syrian friends, neighbours and colleagues find long-term happiness in Scotland.
Google map static shot of Just Festival at St John's Church, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ
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