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If you have a membership scheme and members are issued with a unique membership number, you can create members-only ticket prices within your events. When purchasing a members-only ticket, the purchaser will be prompted to enter their membership number and surname which will be checked and matched against your customer database to validate their membership.

Adding (or updating) membership details to your TicketSource account

Firstly, you will need to add each member and their membership number to your customer database. If you have a large number of members on file, you will be able to import this directly into your account.

If you have a small number of members or need to add future member’s details, you can do this via your TicketSource account by:

  1. Hovering over the "Customers" tab at the top of the page and selecting "New Customer"

  2. Enter their membership number

  3. If you would like to enter a validity period for the membership, tick next to "start" and "end" options and enter the membership start date and end date

  4. Enter any further contact details that you may have for the customer

  5. Click "Save Changes"

To update an existing customer record to include their membership number:

  1. Hovering over the "Customers" tab at the top of the page and select the "Find Customer" option
  2. Enter the customer's name within the box provided and select their record
  3. Click the "Modify Customer" button near the bottom of the page
  4. Enter the membership number in the box provided and the start and end date of their membership (if applicable)
  5. Click the "Save Changes" button

Creating a Members Only ticket price category

When creating or modifying your event:

  1. In the Price Category column, click the "Add New Price Category" button

  2. Add a price category description such as 'Members Ticket'

  3. Enter the ticket price

  4. You may choose to add a note in the comments field such as 'you will need to enter your membership number to access this special ticket price'

  5. Click the "Advanced Settings" tab

  6. Tick the box next to the "Price category is available to members only" option

  7. Click to "Save Changes"

Notes on Members Only tickets:

  • A member can still book members and non-members tickets in the same booking if set up as separate ticket price categories. They will still be required to enter their membership number in order to obtain the members only ticket.

  • If a member is booking several members only tickets, the system will only require them to enter one membership name and number for validation (the system won't ask for the details of all members).

  • If a member enters their surname and membership number and it is not accepted, this is because the system cannot find a match. This could be due to:

    • The membership number has not been added to the customer database;

    • Customer is entering an incorrect membership number;

    • The membership number and surname do not match;

    • The membership validity period has expired or has not been updated by the Event Organiser.    

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