GDPR and TicketSource

In order for Event Organisers to meet their GDPR obligation, TicketSource will soon be releasing a range of new features and updates:

  • Granular Marketing Consent - A breakdown of marketing consent by email, post and phone recorded against the customer's file.
  • Third Party Content Option - A new feature that names third party marketing consent.
  • Custom Data Retention Period - Event Organisers can set their own data retention time period with automatic deletion.
  • Custom Data Privacy Policy - event Organisers can upload their own Data Privacy Policy and included as part of the booking process.

TicketSource will also be updating its own Data Privacy Policies for Customers and Event Organisers and will be introducing a new, Data Processing Agreement.

We will keep you updated on the launch of these new features in the run up to 25th May, but if you have any questions regarding GDPR and TicketSource, please get in touch at

For more information regarding TicketSource and GDPR please visit our blog article:
Essential GDPR and TicketSource Information for Event Organisers

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Last modified on Mon 26 March 2018