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Choosing how to get your money - in under 5 minutes!

TicketSource's Quick Start Guide

This article will give you all the information on the different types of payment processing offered by us. Discover which option is right for you. Here's what you'll learn:

How to Access Your Payment Processing Settings

To access your payment processing settings and to view all the options available to you, you'll need to be logged in to your TicketSource account. From your dashboard, highlight Account at the top of the page, and select Payment Processing Settings

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TicketSource Payment Processing

TicketSource Payment Processing is our own type of payment processing. It is the default payment processing option when you first set up an account. Event Organisers do not need their own payment gateway to utilise the TicketSource payment processing option. All income from an event is held in a separate trust until the event has concluded. This occurs as TicketSource is liable for the full refund of ticket monies should an event be cancelled. 

When Will I Get Paid

Money transfer is initiated on the Monday following completion of an event and should arrive in your nominated bank account as cleared funds on the Wednesday. Payment may be delayed by one or two days should payment processing occur over a bank holiday.

Please note, if your event is part of an event run over several weeks, the payment will be made the Monday following your final performance.  To receive payment on a weekly basis, please set up your events in separate one-week runs.  

How To Set Up TicketSource Payment Processing

All new Event Organisers are set up automatically on TicketSource Payment Processing. 

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What Is Stripe Payment Processing

Stripe is an online merchant services company that allows both individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. You can integrate your own Stripe account with your TicketSource account to act as your merchant services for both online and in-house payments for credit and debit cards.

If you plug-in your Stripe account there will be a reduction of the booking fee as we will no longer be processing the card payments.

Please note: Stripe's own payment processing charges will apply on funds transferring through your Stripe account. The charge is applied to the total amount of the ticket price after the customer has finished the transaction. Further information about Stripe processing charges can be found on the Stripe website.

We encourage Event Organisers to review the TicketSource terms and conditions regarding Stripe integration and be fully aware of the liability that they will hold with regard to ticket income. Terms and conditions can be found at this link

When Will I Get Paid

All ticket monies will be handled and deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe who settle funds on a seven-day rolling basis.

How To Set Up Stripe Payment Processing

You will first need to create a merchant services account with Stripe by going to their website stripe.com/gb 

To integrate Stripe with your TicketSource account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Account and select Payment Processing Settings
  2. If you would like Stripe to process your internet bookings, next to Internet bookings select Stripe payment processing.
  3. If you would like Stripe to process your in-house card bookings, next to In-house bookings select Stripe payment processing
  4. Click on the Connect with Stripe button to integrate your Stripe account and finalise the set-up.

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In-House Payments

Event Organisers can now add their own custom in-house payment types into their account. You can also remove any of the predefined in-house payment types (CARD, CASH, CHEQ etc.) so long as you have not previously recorded a booking against that payment type.

To add a custom in-house payment type;

  1. Go to Account and select Payment Processing Settings
  2. Go to the In-house Payment Settings tab
  3. Select Add new payment method or click the dustbin icon to remove
  4. The four-point icon can slide each option to change the order
  5. A default payment method can be selected which will appear when making a booking
  6. Click "Save Changes"

There are 3 types of in-house payment

  • Complimentary - This will reduce the ticket price to £0.00*
  • Reservation - This option will keep the value but it will only appear in the Reservations report
  • Paid - Will add the booking with the selected payment method to your sales report

*Please note once the value has been reduced you won't be able to modify to a different payment type with the original ticket value. 

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TicketSource Payment Processing Refunds

If any Event or series of Events is cancelled or postponed or significantly changed from the advertised content, TicketSource will refund the customers directly from the money held in trust. 

Any refunds processed by you will have the money taken from any money we hold in trust.

Stripe Refunds

Refunds work much the same way on Stripe as they do through TicketSource Payment Processing. However, you may also have to action refunds through the Stripe system as you as the Event Organiser is held accountable for those refunds. 

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Tips and tricks

  1. Stripe can be used in the UK, Europe and in the US
  2. Stripe can provide you with Balance, Customer, Dispute, Payment, Subscription and Payout Reports
  3. You can contact Stripe for any technical queries here

If you wanted to read more Knowledgebase articles about payment, follow this link!

There you go! You should be all set to choose your payment processing! If you've got any questions or queries, give us a shout by emailing support@ticketsource.co.uk or calling us on 0333 666 4466 (Weekdays 9am-7pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm)

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