How to Create a New Seating Plan

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Learn more about creating brand new Seating Plans!

To create a new seating plan:

1. Go to "Events" | "New Seating Plan"

2. Add a name to the "Seating Plan Description"

3. Select the Seating Plan Scale (most plans would be medium, however, you can choose medium stretched for wide plans or large for bigger venues)

4. The stage image can be changed from the default with a list of options available in the 'Seating Plan Focal Point' drop-down menu.

5. Select "Add New Seating Plan Section"

6. In the Section Details box (top left), add a section description (e.g. Stalls, Circle, Balcony).  You can change the colour of the section by clicking the orange box

7. In the grid, click on your first seat and select to "Add Multiple Seats" (bottom right of your screen)

8. In the pop-up box that appears, state the number of seats that you want to add (either the whole row or, if you have an aisle, the number of seats up to the aisle), tick to include seat numbers and state the first seat number. Click "Add Seats"

9. Leave one or two empty boxes to represent your aisle and click on the first seat after the aisle and follow the same process, making sure you change the first seat number as required

10. If there are not enough boxes on the grid to accommodate your seating plan, you can add boxes by using the arrows on all sides of the grid

11. Add the row letters to the left-hand side of the grid

12. Allocate seats as wheelchair seats - click on the required seat and in the "Selected Seats Details" box (top right), click "Wheelchair Space".  You can add a comment that will appear on the seating plan (e.g. wheelchair users only)  

14. Add comments to any seats (for example if a seat is sight-restricted) - click on the required seat and in the "Selected Seat Details" box, add a comment.  The seat will now have a dash in the top right-hand side and the comment will appear on the seating plan

15. Block your House Seats from sale - click on the required seat and in the "Selected Seat Details" box, click "House Seat".  These seats will be blocked from being on sale but can be released at a later date if required

16. When the section is complete, select "Save Changes"

17. You can then move your section into position - just click, hold and drag. The stage can also be moved by click, hold and drag

18. Continue creating new sections (note: you can also copy an existing section if required and simply change the section name, seat numbers, etc)

19. When your seating plan is complete, check for accuracy and then click "Save Changes"

20. Done!

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Last modified on Wed 31 August 2016