Integrate Stripe merchant services into your TicketSource account

Stripe is an online merchant services company that allows both individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. 

You can integrate your own Stripe account with your TicketSource account to act as your merchant services for both online and in-house payments for credit and debit cards. 

If you plug-in your Stripe account there will be a reduction of the booking fee* as we will no longer be processing the card payments. All ticket monies will be handled and deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe who settle funds on a seven day rolling basis.

You will firstly need to create a merchant services account with Stripe by going to their website 

To integrate Stripe with your TicketSource account, go to:

  • "Account" | "Payment Processing Settings"
  • If you would like Stripe to process your internet bookings, next to 'Internet bookings' select 'Stripe payment processing'.
  • If you would like Stripe to process your inhouse card bookings, next to 'In-house bookings' select 'Stripe payment processing'. 
  • Click on the 'Connect with Stripe' button to integrate your Stripe account and finalise the set-up.

*Please note: Stripe's own payment processing charges will apply on funds transferring through your Stripe account. The charge is applied on the total amount of the ticket price after the customer has finished the transaction. Further information about Stripe processing charges can be found on the Stripe website:

We encourage Event Organisers to review the TicketSource terms and conditions regarding Stripe integration and be fully aware of the liability that they will hold with regard to ticket income. Terms and conditions can be found at this link:

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Last modified on Thu 2 February 2017