Customer Commitment Statement

Our staff are committed to promoting the visions and values of our company and to delivering the standards contained in this policy.

A customer is anyone who comes into contact with TicketSource and includes:

  • Event Organisers;
  • General Public using our services to enquire about or purchase tickets for events.

Our key customer service objectives:

  • To ensure that all customer and client contact with TicketSource is met with the highest standards.
  • To provide clear and efficient lines of communications to all.
  • To provide accurate information about our Services and to publicise and market our work to the widest possible audience.
  • To be active in the promotion of customer and client feedback, listen and respond accordingly and monitor standards.
  • To provide suitable and adequate staff training.
  • To exceed customers' expectations and encourage repeat usage.
  • To be an example within our field for excellent customer care.


If you wish to contact TicketSource regarding matters about the service we provide you should, in the first instance, contact our Support Team. Support can be contacted:

  • by telephone on 0333 666 4466
  • by email
  • for Event Organisers, once logged into TicketSource you can also contact us through "Live Chat" or via the "Help" menu and select "Contact us".


Whilst we take great care to ensure that we provide all our services efficiently, courteously and to a high standard, we accept that complaints may be made. A complaint is a valid expression of dissatisfaction and however it is made, by email, online, by letter or telephone, we will investigate it and use it as a means to improve our standards of service.

If at any time you are not happy with the levels of service you experience from TicketSource or its employees, you can register your formal complaint by emailing / writing. We request that your complaint is in writing so that there is no confusion surrounding the nature of the complaint. All written complaints will be dealt with by our Operations Manager or the person they feel can best respond to your concerns. We will acknowledge all written complaints within 5 business days of receiving the letter/email, at which point your complaint will be investigated. If you are not satisfied with the way in which your complaint has been dealt with, we have an appeal procedure which the Operations Manager will activate at your request. Any action taken that will affect members of staff as a result of a customer complaint will be conveyed to all concerned before a response is given to the customer.

Limit of Responsibility

Customers should be aware that TicketSource has no control over the quality of customer service delivered to the general public by Event Organisers that use the TicketSource Sales and Box Office System. Neither does TicketSource have the remit to investigate or respond to complaints concerning Events or Event Organisers, however we are happy to provide you with contact details to re-direct your complaint.

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Last modified on Tue 9 May 2017