TicketSource Express App (an alternative to buying a barcode scanner)

TicketSource Express is a FREE companion App providing on-the-door barcode scanning and validation of E-tickets, Mobile tickets and Thermal tickets (produced by TicketSource only).

The app can be used on any iPhone or Android enabled device* and can be downloaded from iTunes  or Google Play respectively.        

The app checks the ticket reference against our database in real time, so you’ll need WiFi access to the Internet or a 3G connection at the venue to use it. It can be used on multiple devices at different entrances concurrently as long as they are all connected to the internet.


  • Once you have downloaded the App, you will need to log into with your email address and password (to sync the App with your account)
  • Then select the event your are scanning for (you are able to scan for multiple events).
  • Click the 'Scan' tab at the bottom of the page to start scanning (The camera will recognise the barcode, no buttons need to be pressed)
  • You can click 'Status'  and see how many attendees have purchased tickets for this event, how many have been scanned and how many are remaining
  • When you scan the barcode it will highlight the page in green and say "Accepted" for valid tickets,red "Declined Already Scanned" for already scanned tickets, or red "Declined Not Valid" for fake/wrong barcodes
  • There is also a text box to enter the booking reference in manually if your connection goes down
  • You can check the history of your scans, which contain the customers details, by clicking on 'My Scans'
  • 'All scans' is for when there are multiple entry points, so you can see what other handsets have scanned
  • There are extra settings you can configure to suit your needs, for example the amount of time the scanned results show on the screen (from 1 second - 30 seconds) . You can turn the sound on and off, you can turn the vibrate on and off and you can turn the option 'Scan Every Attendee' on and off 
  • You can also access the website through the App, by clicking TicketSource website link

*TicketSource Express requires a camera with auto-focus in order to correctly decode the barcodes.

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Last modified on Wed 12 October 2016