Leaping Hare CIC

We are an organisation comprising of committed and experienced local Thetfordians who want to raise money to create and invest in community enterprises that celebrate the heritage and affordable attractions of Thetford, the historic, friendly ancient capital of East Anglia. Leaping Hare was established on 7th Oct 2010. We organise and promote events on our behalf as well as offering event management for others, from small community groups to large companies. We also house and run Thetford’s Great Information Centre, which includes the Box Office, a booking centre for all types of local event. We already have many great events being planned for 2018, we are looking for like minded people who share our passion and want to help us. If you would like to volunteer to assist, if you would like us to run an event for you or if you simply want to support and enjoy the events - we look forward to welcoming you to Leaping Hare!

For more information, visit the website, Facebook Page or Twitter Feed.

Forthcoming Events