Freya the Musical - Leyburn Arts and Community Centre

Leyburn Arts & Community Centre, North Yorkshire, DL8 5DL
Mon 5th August 2019

BlueBoxt Productions has teamed up with local artist, author and composer Piers Browne, to stage an exciting new youth adaptation of his evocative musical, Freya, featuring talented young performers from across North Yorkshire. The adaptation, by Colin Bailey, Mark Cronfield and Alastair McLachlan, creates the mystical story of romance and heartache set in wartime Wensleydale during the 1940s:

The threat of war looms over Wensleydale and young William has a tough choice to make.
Should he follow his heart or honour the family tradition?
Will the call of Freya keep him safe and guide him back to his beloved Wensleydale?

Piers is best known for creating award-winning etchings of Wensleydale and will create a collection of scenery for Freya, inspired by paintings from his children’s book of the same name. The images will create a backdrop to the live performances given by the actors and musicians.

“Lots of ideas had gelled in my head and the story of Freya just flowed onto the page one evening way back in 1996,” says Piers. “I am so looking forward to seeing what the young people create on stage.”

The production began developing in February and will continue during the school holidays, with the aim of bringing together like-minded young people interested in the performing arts. After an intensive rehearsal period under the direction of Colin and Mark they will present a week of performances throughout Wensleydale and Swaledale, from the 3rd to the 10th of August. Don’t miss this unique and enchanting musical theatre experience.

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