FILM: Monty Python's Life of Brian

MacArts, Galashiels, TD1 1SP
Wed 24th July 2019
You know what the Monty Python boys say… always look on the bright side of life!
Join us for a screening of Monty Pythons infamous Life of Brian celebrating 40 years since its original controversial release in 1979.
Be ridiculously entertained by Monty Pythons signature absurdity as you follow the story of Brian, a Jewish man living in 33A.D Judea who through a serious of farcical events becomes an unwilling messiah, giving way to one of the Pythons most famous lines “he’s not the messiah…he’s a very naughty boy!” 
Monty Python provide a biblical, religious and political satire whilst ensuring to retain the comedic genius that the Pythons have become so famous for.
All proceeds from this event will be donated to the MS Society Borders branch helping fund therapies for people living with MS in the borders.

Bar available throughout, snacks available to purchase (sorry no albatrosses) and big raffle prizes to be won!
Google map static shot of MacArts, Galashiels, TD1 1SP
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