Just One Thing

Mother Nature Sanctuary, Cheshire, SK10 5PW
Fri 19th July 2019
JOT is a self-improvement concept, a way to support personal development through group meetings and story-sharing. It works on the premise that:

a) you can find inspiration and motivation through the experiences of others;
b) it pays to focus on improving 'just one thing'.
Who should attend?
Any individual interested in developing a skill, improving or challenging themselves in some way. You may be thinking of starting something, or already be on your way (but a work in progress!). Consider these categories:

Physical - take up a sport, get fit, de-tox, commit to a challenge like a marathon or charity bike ride.
Cognitive - improve mental wellbeing, develop emotional intelligence or learn a language.
Behavioural - read more, change routines, declutter or become a better listener.

(In truth, these categories are inter-connected - physical exercise aids our mental well-being and requires a change in behaviour. But to get things started it might be useful to consider which category you’re in!).
Why 'Just One Thing'?
JOT events help people gain the most out of personal development by getting them to focus on mastering just one thing rather than trying (unsuccessfully) to incorporate multiple improvements. It's about going deep rather than shallow and having the support of others during the journey.

How does a JOT event work?
At each event we pre-arrange for 2/3 people to share the story of what they've committed to improve and where they are on that journey. In a short talk lasting up to 8 minutes, they explain:

> Why they came to choose their goal.
> How they got started.
> How they have made (and maintained) progress.
> The difference it's made to them.
> What lies ahead (other goals too?).

Once the speakers have shared their stories, we invite questions from the audience. Then delegates share their ideas with a partner ("pair and share"). Towards the end we invite anyone to reveal their personal goal and ask for volunteers for future speaker slots.
Itinerary (approx. 2.5 hours)
> Arrival, registration, mingle and chat over a drink.
> Host welcomes delegates and explains the concept.
> Speakers share their story (followed by Q&A).
> Pair and share.
> Any commitments (a personal goal, take a speaker slot next time)?
> Summary and depart.
JOT events are hosted and facilitated by Andrew Thorp, a professional speaker and communication skills trainer.
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