Part Time End of Year Showcase

MTG Studios, West Yorkshire, BD9 4SA
Mon 15th July 2019

See what Part Time Academy students have been up to this year!

Part Time Theatre
'Say Something'

It’s your turn to speak.
But what do you want to say?
Everyone is sat waiting patiently for you to say something.

They are waiting.

Now’s your time.

Say something.

PT Dance
'Our Journey through Movement'

Inspired by the African American choreographer Alvin Ailey, part-time dance have recreated Alvin Ailey’s 1960’s workRevelations. Through research, the dancers have been exploring the key movements and group formations from the three sections. The dancers have also been inspired by the gospel music which is used within the piece.

The opening of the piece is a creation of movement the dancers have been exploring throughout the year, working on teamwork, connections and creating movement through action words.

Music: Portugal. The Man. Woodstock
Spotify Alvin Ailey Playlist

After highlighting our Inspirational Artists for Arts Award, we then created our own: an imaginary, nameless, successful singer on tour somewhere, playing to sell-out crowds across the board. We thought about their daily life, their preparations, the travelling, the promotion, the endless interviews and of course their motivation and the shows themselves. We wrote the song in a couple of weeks, focusing on the feelings of our imaginary artist as they go about their daily routines

£3 entry per person to be paid on arrival

Google map static shot of MTG Studios, West Yorkshire, BD9 4SA
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