African Drumming Workshop for Kids

Sutton Ecology Centre Classroom (Entrance next to Sun Pub), Carshalton, SM5 2HU
Sat 6th July 2019
The benefits of drumming aren’t just a hunch. The body of research and quantifiable data has boomed in the last 10 years, spurred on by the growing popularity of African Drumming across the world.
Drumming has a distinctly therapeutic aspect – it’s good for our state of mind. It exercises the brain through stimulating cognitive functions like perception, attention and memory and group drumming especially reduces the experience of anxiety, depression and loneliness. Drumming is good for the body too, and not just for psycho-motor coordination.  It's these benefits that have driven forward the use of African Drumming in some of Sutton's ASD bases as a therapy for the children.  Gary Mason Foundation have also been into a number of mainstream schools too and kids really love it!
This is a fantastic opportunity for children of any age and from any part of the spectrum to come together for an hour and experience drumming with the experts. The event is open to those with a diagnosis and a maximum of one sibling due to the small amount of numbers. If the weather is nice we will be outside of the Ecology Centre, but if it's raining we will be indoors in one of the classrooms.

Maximum 2 tickets for each family

Parents must remain responsible for and with their children for the whole time.

Google map static shot of Sutton Ecology Centre Classroom (Entrance next to Sun Pub), Carshalton, SM5 2HU
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