Tea Smith 2

The London School of Tea, London, EW1 6AW
Fri 19th July 2019 5:00PM
Tea Smith Level 2
£150 Full day

This course provides the learner with an advanced understanding of the tea industry. They will show a good understanding of all 6 types of tea, regional differences and the tea growing industry and production methods.
A Tea Professional will be able to advise customers and clients to a high standard, ensure quality within an establishment and be able to provide support to other Tea Smiths, they will also have the knowledge to create food and tea paired menus.

On completion of the course the candidate will become a certified Tea Smith, certification at this level will indicate an advanced level of knowledge to clients and employers.

The candidates will learn:
  • 5000 years of Tea history: from Sheng Nung to Thomas Sullivan
  • British tea history, The East India Company, wars, revolution and smuggling
  • White, Yellow, Green, Oolong, Black, Puerh Teas and their production methods
  • Black Tea: the difference between orthodox and CTC
  • Tea growing countries: China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya
  • Basic tea tasting, tea vocabulary and olfactory (sensory) training
  • The basics of tea blending
  • Sustainability and ethical practices in the industry
  • Examination

Candidates must have completed Tea Smith Level 1 to attend this course.

The course is 1 day in duration.

Attendees will be assessed by theoretical and practical exam.

The London School of Tea recommends that at least 1 employee per establishment is trained as a Tea Smith.
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Doors Open at 9:00AM
Starts at 5:00PM


The London School of Tea, London, EW1 6AW

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