Number 9 MPA

Number 9 MPA was set up many moons ago, in year 2000, because being an ancient rock drummer myself, I love watching and experiencing quality live music and have done so from an early age. Ever since I cobbled together some old insecticide 20 gallon cans and played Let There Be Drums by Sandy Nelson, I have been hooked by the power of the beat, whether it be Bill Ward, Buddy Rich, Charlie Watts, Billy Cobham, Ringo Starr et al.
So I manage or have managed bands and artists, like the awesome Payback, Jean-Michel Rotin, Cayenne, Wav Clah, Yeah For The Slippers, Yookay, Jack Nosey and Sonia Dersion to name a few. I also have promoted Shakatak on a number of occasions along with JTQ, Freakpower, Robin Jones and King Salsa, Roberto Pla and his Latin Ensemble and acted as a booking agent for many others including PD3, Ozimzim to name few.

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FaNk FuNk Its FriDay- 1st March - Payback
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FaNk FuNk Its FriDay - Cayenne
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Freak Power's Secret and Exclusive Show!
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