Old Woodbridgians Annual Dinner

Woodbridge School, Woodbridge, IP12 4JH
Sat 14th September 2019
We are delighted to inform you that the OW dinner will take place in the Tuckwell Room, on Saturday 14 September, from 6.15pm, starting with drinks on the Chapel Lawn accompanied by the School’s fabulous swing band.

The formal dinner will start at 7pm. This year we will be celebrating the r anniversaries of leavers who departed the School in 1979 (40 years ago), 1989 (30 years ago), 1994 (25 years ago), 1999 (20 years ago) and 2009 (a mere 10 years ago), but as ever, other large groups celebrating anniversaries and others just wanting to come along for the fun of it are very much welcome and we very much look forward to seeing you there.
Google map static shot of Woodbridge School, Woodbridge, IP12 4JH
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