The Seasons by Peteris Vasks

Bridewell Theatre, London, EC4Y 8EQ
Wed 28th August 2019 - Sat 31st August 2019
Composer Peteris Vasks’ music, its visceral drama and its message of the cycle of life inspired the contemporary dance piece The Seasons. Its theme unfolds through the story of a Dancer whose typically short “shelf-life” becomes an expression of accelerated humane existence more acutely aware of the passing of time than most of us.

Recited by multi-award winning pianist Reinis Zariņš and choreographed by Kirill Burlov (Ballet Soloist, formerly of Latvian National Opera, Northern Ballet, Rambert, Michael Clark), Peteris Vasks' The Seasons portrays a dancer’s life from youth to maturity set against stunning sceneries of nature.
Presented by Baltic Art Form.

Part of Opera in the City Festival, London's new summer opera festival from 20 August -7 September at Bridewell Theatre
Google map static shot of Bridewell Theatre, London, EC4Y 8EQ
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