The Seven Deadly Sins (Die Sieben Todsünden)

Bridewell Theatre, London, EC4Y 8EQ
Tue 3rd September 2019
Sisters Anna 1 and Anna 2 are sent on a seven-year journey to various North American cities by their family to earn money for a ‘small house near the Mississippi’. During their journey, they are tempted by the seven biblical deadly sins.

Premiered in the ballet version of Georges Balanchine at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees on 7 June 1993, Die Sieben Todsunden quickly became on of Weill’s best known works. The music plays with popular American music styles of the twenties such as tango, foxtrot, polka or barbershop. Weill and Brecht perfectly ironise the petty bourgeois double standards of each society willing to sacrifice their values for the sake of financial gain.

Merging physical theatre and opera, this production is a multi-disciplinary exploration of young women’s struggles in the face of an oppressive society.

Stage director: Emma Muir-Smith
Cast includes: Lotte Betts-Dean

Part of Opera in the City Festival - London's new summer opera festival from 20th August - 7th September at Bridewell Theatre

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