The Dawe Charitable Trust

Peterborough philanthropist Peter Boizot spent £9m of his own money to recreate the beautiful 1930’s Art Deco building as a cornerstone of Peterborough cultural life. The Dawe Charitable Trust is investing up to a further £1m to make Peterborough Theatre central to the life of all Peterborough’s communities. We welcome performers, promoters and audiences from any and every community.

The theatre can only be strong when the people of Peterborough work with it. It needs you to support it, by being volunteers and financially by hiring it and most importantly by YOU attending as a member of the audience!

After three failed attempts at making the theatre financially viable, this is likely to be the last chance for Peterborough to embed this key community asset into the life of Peterborough.

For more information, visit the website.

Forthcoming Events