Venepuncture Training

Rotherham Training Solutions, Sheffield, S25 3QX
Mon 5th August 2019
Venepuncture Training
This course will enable participants to develop the theoretical and practical skills required to gain competence in venepuncture and peripheral IV cannulation. This workshop is theory and practical, and candidates have the opportunity to undergo supervised instruction and practice, using training manikins. On successful completion candidates are required to gain competency under clinical supervision within their own workplace.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the legal and professional issues.
• Understand venous anatomy and suitability of vessels for both venepuncture and cannulation.
• Vein selection criteria.
• Awareness of available equipment: vacuumed systems, ‘butterflies.
• Demonstration of safe and competent procedure.
• Practical workshop – instruction, supervision, hints and tips.
• Understand the common complications, e.g. haematoma, extravasation, needle stick injury etc.
• Awareness of practical steps to minimise risks to the patient and member of staff.

Course Content:
• Overview of professional aspects of venepuncture and cannulation.
• Overview of the venous anatomy of the human arm and leg and criteria for vein selection.
• Equipment available - review of the common blood sampling / cannulation devices and safety devices available.
• Practical techniques under expert supervision using the most up-to-date training manikins available.
• Complications of venepuncture and cannulation.
• Documentation and ongoing assessment of devices.

A certificate of Attendance will be issued, valid for 3 years. There is a summative assessment for this course and a knowledge paper to complete at the end of the training session.

Refreshments provided
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