Seaham Music Academy

Seaham Music Academy is a great place to learn how to play a musical instrument. We provide lessons that can take you from being an absolute beginner to exam and performance level. We have an orchestra that is open to all and we regularly do shows at local venues. All musicians of any age, from absolute beginner to virtuoso performer, are welcome. 

The cost of attendance at Seaham is only £5 per person per week. You don't need to own or buy an instrument to learn music at Seaham Music Academy. Subject to availability, you can loan one of our instruments without any additional cost. 

Develop your ability at a pace that suits you or your child. If you want to you can go on to join our orchestra and enter for the national music exams. Many of our students have gone on to achieve excellent results at the highest levels. 

For more information, visit the website or Facebook Page.

Forthcoming Events

50+ tickets available