Sketch You Up!

The Network Theatre, London, SE1 8SF
Thu 25th July 2019
Comedy sketches that are observational and familiar but with a contemporary Sketch You Up! twist. Think Catherine Tate meets Little Britain and you're almost there! Let us throw you into a world where call centre operators hold painful secrets, yummy mummies with their first world problems, a world where being straight is unique, an awkward first date, an embarrassing doctor visit and many more... Brace yourselves as we… Sketch You Up! Warning – may contain comedy songs

VENUE ACCESS - IMPORTANT INFO  -  Come out of Waterloo Station onto Waterloo Road (as if going to the Old Vic Theatre) then go down Holmes Terrace, which is on your right (Holmes Terrace is opposite 'Tesco Metro')  walk down there and you will come to security barrier, just let them know you are going to the Network Theatre and they will let you through, walk half way done and it's on the left..... it looks dodgy but it's there!
Google map static shot of The Network Theatre, London, SE1 8SF
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