Kick in the Head Productions present 'Three Men in a Boat'

Riverside Arts Centre (Main Hall), Middlesex, TW16 5QF
Fri 12th July 2019
Part of the Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival 2019

Adapted from the hilarious novel by Jerome K. Jerome

Starring: Giles Shenton
Directed by: Simon Downing

Join Jerome as he recounts the hilarious story of his boating holiday along the magnificent River Thames with his two companions and Montmorency the dog. Come and join in the fun as Giles Shenton expertly takes the helm and pilots you through the ridiculous tale of men behaving badly while messing about in boats!

“George got out his banjo after supper, and wanted to play it, but Harris objected: he said he had got a headache and did not feel strong enough to stand it. George thought the music might do him good—said music often soothed the nerves and took away a headache; and he twanged two or three notes, just to show Harris what it was like. 
Harris said he would rather have the headache.”

All tickets include a complimentary glass of Pimms.
Box Office: 01784 257 175
Google map static shot of Riverside Arts Centre (Main Hall), Middlesex, TW16 5QF
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