Strike A Light

Strike A Light is a Gloucester based organisation striving to make Gloucester a city with a vibrant culture for all.

We are made up of three strands:

Programming and producing two contemporary performance festivals (Strike A Light Festival) a year, plus bespoke year round programming ensuring a sustained cultural offer


Delivering a year round Artist Support Programme that provides nationally significant partners for emerging artists  


Developing a year round Arts Participation Programme, Gloucester Rising, for CYP from Gloucester City delivered by experienced, inspiring practitioners.

About our tickets:

Strike A Light is an accessible festival so all of our tickets are very heavily subsidised.
Many of our tickets have a concession option.  You don’t need to be a student to be eligible for this concession price. If you would like to support the festival to continue it’s integral work in Gloucester, please purchase a £full price ticket, however we do not want finance to be a barrier to anyone

For more information, visit the website, Facebook Page or Twitter Feed.

Forthcoming Events