Bonkers Playhouse, Kettering, NN16 0BU
Thu 3rd October 2019
Sex, thugs and bowling balls. A very dark comedy.

Set in 1984, and based on two true news stories, we follow the lives of 8 incredibly flawed characters:

TIM: an extremely religious germaphobe.
CECELIA: a hard-nosed, heavily pregnant, bullish woman.
MALCOLM: a brash lad's lad. Bit of a prick.
SHARON: an enthusiastic, self-involved control freak.
HUW: a Welsh miner.
GWEN: his incredibly unhappy wife.
TOM: the hot bartender. A flirt. 
JEAN: a middle-aged alcoholic. Eddie's mother.

One rainy evening, this rabble of narcissists, cheats, drunkards, liars and blundering idiots all find themselves at the Bowlplex. They unwittingly gatecrash Eddie's 7th birthday party, and the rest is history.

Perverbials is a dark comedy theatre company, with our plays and stories based on fusions of two well-known proverbs. Originally called 'Strike While the Fat Lady Sings', this play came to fruition through a twisted take on 'Strike While the Iron is Hot' and 'It's Not Over 'til the Fat Lady Sings', and eventually came to focus on the word 'strike'.

It delves into every meaning of the word, with our rainy setting (lightning strike), arguments that break out (to strike someone), Eddie's birthday cake (strike a match), one of the most bitter industrial disputes in British history (miner's strike), and of course, bowling.

Check out how this disaster of an evening goes'd be mad to miss it.
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