Theatre Ink

Theatre Ink is an amateur performing arts group based in Swindon. So far we have put on a variety of shows including Musical Performances, Plays and Concerts. Theatre Ink formed January 2008 in Swindon, the conception of a local thespian with passion and experience in producing, directing and acting in both local and professional drama organisations. Theatre Ink aims to be one of Swindon's foremost amateur theatre companies. With aspirations of being a hub of creative opportunity where exciting new work is produced, great projects conceived, skill and creativity acquired, nurtured, encouraged, ideas developed, collaborations fostered and maybe even careers launched! The company's objective is to raise the standards of amateur theatre in Swindon, where we consistently tackle new, exciting and challenging shows as they are released for the amateur stage. We believe that an audience need not have studied a play or musical in depth to enjoy it. We are a society for anyone who loves all varieties of live theatre, be it acting, singing, dancing, back stage or simply going to see shows with friends.

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