Death in the Staffroom

The Market Theatre, Ledbury, Hfds., HR8 2AQ
Thu 12th September 2019 - Sat 14th September 2019

by Sue Randles

Staff at St Mary’s School gather for an early morning staff meeting, but before the head teacher is ready to begin, one of them is killed in highly suspicious circumstances.  Detective Inspector Wood, with the assistance of Dr DeAth, a pathologist, battle to solve the mystery of who, what, why and, most bafflingly, how the death occurred.  He is hampered by the confusing events leading up to the incident, which include broken kettles, coffee, “potted” plants, damp patches on the floor and the wielding of both a javelin and a pistol by members of the staff.  It does not help that every suspect is pointing the finger at someone else and the motives are both plentiful and bewildering.

Can DI Wood unmask the killer or will Dr DeAth and her “remarkable team” solve it for him?

A Market Theatre Showcase production.

Google map static shot of The Market Theatre, Ledbury, Hfds., HR8 2AQ
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