Coping- the musical live at Toulouse Lautrec

Toulouse Lautrec, London, SE11 4RN
Wed 19th June 2019
When life throws you curveballs , throw a show tune right back at it .
Victoria Howden is an actor, singer , comedian and storyteller and here is her guide to coping in this world by turning life into a musical.
-Moving from straightzvill to Lesboland in her late 20's , choosing love over the norm.
-Loving food in a world where one is supposed to love rice cakes , mung beans and kale and growing to love an ever expanding rear.
-Growing up in a land where war and terror and often on the menu , searching for my yellow brick road and almost getting run over by an F-16 aircraft in the process (while singing the soundtrack from Hair) .
-And just basically coping with life come on this musical journey and who knows you might even sing along.
Google map static shot of Toulouse Lautrec, London, SE11 4RN
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