Vocalise Community Choir

“Bringing together the spirit of community through song”.

Vocalise is Mersea Island’s biggest local community choir, formed by Caroline Laver in August 2009 with a group of just 8 members. Our initial rehearsals were held at Caroline's home in West Mersea, but it was soon realised that due to the rapidly increasing membership, a new venue would have to be found. Following a very successful, albeit slightly petrifying, first performance with a full part choir at Mersea Island School, our numbers grew further still. However, it wasn’t long before we had found a new and permanent home for rehearsals at St. Peter & St. Paul’s Parish Church, West Mersea, where we practice on Tuesday evenings.

From The Beatles ‘Let it Be’, to ‘Abba’s ‘Money, Money, Money’ and Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’ our music has always been an enjoyable mix of modern and classic pieces with a four part harmony at the heart of most pieces.

As our numbers have grown, and with it our confidence, Caroline has trusted us to tackle more complex pieces, which even saw us take on a medley from the musical ‘Les Miserables’ – now a firm favourite with choir members. No concert would be complete without Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, which is now considered something of a lucky charm and Vocalise anthem.

We have had the privilege of performing at many local venues, which have included The Mersea Regatta, The British Legion, numerous local churches, ‘Kel-Fest’ and The Food, Drink and Leisure Festival to name but a few. Vocalise have even been bestowed the honour of performing at several weddings and even a Naming Day. We have thoroughly enjoyed performing at every event, and have loved nothing more than when audiences have joined in.

If you would like to see us perform, there will be many opportunities throughout the year, with several events on the island, culminating in our much loved annual Christmas concerts. Please check this page and local publications for regular Vocalise updates, further event details and where to buy tickets.

Music is known to break down barriers and there’s no better example of that than at a choir. Being a member of Vocalise offers a unique opportunity to be part of a regular community of people that might not otherwise have met. Many new friendships have been struck as a result of Vocalise forming and we see that as something quite special. Whilst membership has almost reached capacity at a staggering 70 members, we are still seeking a small number of Tenor and Bass voices to join our choir. Both the Soprano and Alto sections currently have a waiting list.

We can hardly believe that Vocalise was formed a decade ago, yet when we think back to everything the choir has achieved and every performance undertaken, we must admit to feeling quite proud of our musical pastime which started in a front room.

As the saying goes, “From small beginnings come great things”. Well… we certainly like to think so!

(For membership information contact Caroline at: info@carolinelaver.co.uk or 07787 414216)

For more information, visit the Facebook Page.

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