Voices of London 2019: SongNights

St James's Sussex Gardens, London, W2 3UD
Wed 26th June 2019

Solo song sits alongside choral works by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Parry and Stanford, tracing their shared inspirations both sacred and secular. Presented by broadcaster and nineteenth-century expert Katy Hamilton, pianist Ian Tindale and conductor Helen Smee.

Voices of London presents a unique bringing together of solo songs and choral pieces, sacred and secular, by British and Austro-German composers. A rare opportunity to hear these pieces side by side, this concert traces the strong nineteenth-century connections between public and private religious music, the parlour song and convivial vocal ensembles. Music by Parry, Stanford and Liza Lehmann features alongside Brahms, Rheinberger (celebrating the 180th anniversary of his birth), Clara and Robert Schumann, and Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn. Curated and presented by writer and broadcaster Katy Hamilton, a specialist in music of the late 19th century, the close interrelationships between these vocal genres - and their composers is explored in a rich and varied programme of musical internationalism to the eve of the First World War.
Google map static shot of St James's Sussex Gardens, London, W2 3UD
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