One Act Plays (Effie’s Burning/ Swan Song)

Studio Theatre, West Bridgford, NG2 6LS
Sat 13th July 2019

Effie’s Burning, by Valerie Windsor, directed by Richard Young.

Effie Palmer, a sixty four year old woman with a mental age of a ten year old, who since the age of thirteen has spent her life in mental institutions, has been admitted to hospital with severe burns. Treating her is Dr Ruth Kovacs, who up to now has drifted along in the medical profession unable to make a decision as to where her future calling lies. She uncovers a background of abuse, injustice and official callousness and finds that Effie’s extraordinary story holds the key to her own suppressed anger and power and discovers strength that will change her life forever.

Swan Song, by Vanessa Brooks, directed by Emily Girton.

Donald, a sardonic and weary Chartered Surveyor, is retiring from the long-established, small town company he's devoted himself to for the last thirty-five years. Margaret is his hardworking, unmarried secretary who has devoted herself to Donald. On his last day, Donald has planned to spend the day doing what he wants to do. But Mimi, his bored, lonely wife has other ideas.
Google map static shot of Studio Theatre, West Bridgford, NG2 6LS
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