Illyria present 'Frankenstein'

Brilliant young student Viktor Frankenstein discovers how to endow dead organic matter with life itself. It is one thing to stitch together an anatomically complete organism, but quite another when it becomes a living, breathing creature that shows intelligence, feels torment – and demands answers of its creator.
Mary Shelley’s seminal novel was published in 1818 when she was just 21 years old, and has never been out of print.
This gripping tale is now a brand-new musical production featuring a fully orchestrated musical score, a cast of professional actor singers, spectacular stage effects, puppetry – and flashes of the wickedly dark humour for which Illyria is justly celebrated.
Forthcoming Dates
Illyria present 'Frankenstein'
Recommended 5+ contains mild peril
Brighton Open Air Theatre (B.O.A.T.)