Jack and his Giant Beanstalk

Shaw Theatre, London, NW1 2AJ
Sun 20th January 2019
An Adult Pantomime Adventure ‘Jack and his GIANT beanstalk’. Join Geordie Shore’s Scotty T as ‘Jack' our hero as he climbs the beanstalk to save Princess Jill (Summer Grant) who has been captured by Britain’s Got Talent and Drag Idol Winner Danny Beard as ‘Fleshcreep'. Under the guidance of BBC’s All Together Now and The Voice’s Divina De Campo as 'The Enchantress of The Beans', Jack bravely battles the giant and returns to the village with Princess Jill in hand…not forgetting Dame Passionella Trott (Jamie Jones), Simple Simon (Gary Morrison) and Timmy the hilarious pieman (Troy Harris) who provide a helping hand along the way!

Join Joseph Purdy Productions as we take the classic pantomime adventure and turn it CAMP! FLITHY! & FABULOUS as Pantomime just got naughty! With glittering sets, sparkling costumes and a laugh a minute script, you'll want to make sure you've 'Bean' to see this show!
A Show strictly for Adults!

(Parental Guidance - strictly no under16's)

#ivebeanjacked #teampurdy
Google map static shot of Shaw Theatre, London, NW1 2AJ
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