Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt

Sat 6th April 2019
Drakelow Tunnels, 19, Heol Llechau, Wattstown, Porth, R. C. T, CF390PP
Full use of paranormal equipment, assisted by our experienced staff Unlimited refreshments throughout the night, please bring any snacks/ drinks you like as there is no electricity down the tunnels so just juice, biscuits & cakes are available. Group vigils, free time to explore yourselves ( with a map provided by us) and various paranormal experiments. It's great place one of the best we have investigated.

A small torch/spare batteries, wear flat shoes.Any snacks you like. Dress warm as regardless of time year it's very cold in the tunnels.

The spirit of a passed worker has been known to push people, voices, cries, & poltergeist activity are common, dark shadows & disembodied voices echo through the creepy tunnels. Some of the tunnels were excavated underneath an old graveyard and it's said a dark entity was disturbed and takes exception to anyone who enters.. Day or night this place is terrifying! What will you find?

The tunnels were excavated during WW2 3.5 miles of intertwining tunnels. In the 1950's Rover used it as a shadow factory with threat of nuclear attack during the cold war if it's other factories we demolished they always had another hidden away at Drakelow. In 1958 the Home Office used it as a regional seat for government. In 1990 it was decommissioned & sold In 1993. Now the tunnels are being renovated to hold a museum.

No drugs or alcohol.
Over 18's only.
No pregnant ladies.
We are sometimes joined my a psychic - medium or sensitive on some events but it's never guaranteed .

Google map static shot of Drakelow Tunnels, 19, Heol Llechau, Wattstown, Porth, R. C. T, CF390PP
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