The Frogs: Recroaked

Tue 16th April 2019 - Sat 20th April 2019
The Stockwell Playhouse, 208 Wandsworth Road, SW8 2JU
The Frogs: Recroaked is a modern adaptation of Aristophanes' cheeky, political comedy, The Frogs. After deciding that the mortal world is distinctly lacking in the arts since the death of Lord Byron, Dionysus, the god of all things fun, decides to journey down to the underworld with his slave Xanthias, and bring Lord Byron back from the dead. Disguised as his older half-brother Herakles, Dionysus and Xanthias have to rely on their wit and charm to get past the strange inhabitants of the underworld including the mischievous frogs, a group of hippies, and sassy innkeepers; as well as negotiate a rift between Lord Byron and his former friend and fellow writer Mary Shelley.

Taking inspiration from both in TV, film, and theatre, including Charlie Chaplin, Complicité, Monty Python and The Mighty Boosh; The Frogs: Recroaked has been updated for a modern audience in the hope of bringing laughter and thoughtfulness just as the original play did back in 405 BC. Our adaptation tackles issues of today; such as gender roles, sexuality, and the power of artists in a political setting.

Please note that this show is suitable only for 16+ only

Google map static shot of The Stockwell Playhouse, 208 Wandsworth Road, SW8 2JU
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