Trilogy of Three One Act Plays - 130 Dollars, La Rose Rouge & A True Apology of Socrates

Theatro Technis, London, London, NW1 1TT
Tue 29th January 2019 - Sun 3rd February 2019



A woman's monloque; this monologue is nothing more than a confession of a human being that reminds us of the daily and universal matters, the insignificant the heroic, pain and happiness. It is almost an apology which is the common domination among the three short plays. ARTHUR MILLER said about Doriades' plays: ' I'm reading Doriade's plays and I find them full of surprises'.'

A woman of unspecified age writes sitting her personal diary She starts when her doctor diagnosed with her cancer on the throat.. the great adventure begins. A journey to the unknown, of self-awareness and critical consciousness
She then moves to the week-end, getting ready to go to the hospital for the operation. She is waiting for the taxi to arrive while she's packing up various things.
As she picks up simple things, a pair of pyjamas, a book, a photo,which bring back memories of self-revelation and world apocalyptic.

Performed by Grisha Mansfield and Tracy Coogan

2. 130 DOLLARS

by Eugene Trivizas Jerry Siegel and his friend,JoeShuster,when they were in their eighteens were very shy boys of poor decent

They both attended the Glenville high school, published their storiesl in Cleveland,USA.they in a school magazine,Pyrsos, where Jerry, as a writer and Joe as a cartoonist, published their stories

They were both bullied at school and humiliated for shabby clothes and skinny appearance. They were in love with the girls at school. But the girls ignored them. They were in love with film stars the like of Clark Cable and Kent Taylor. One day Jerry thought as he was walking in the overcrowded corridors of the school.'what if I had another self and lived a double life.

One that he was and the other a mythical hero who could do great things for the ordinary people One night he had dream, a hallucination, that his other self was born in Crypton planet, a far away planet lost in the gallaxies. His parents were scientists who after a lot of research they discovered that Crypton will explode and vanish .Nobody believed him. He started making a spaceship for his family to survive. But his prediction started happening before he finished the spaceship. There was only one seat available. So they decided to send the baby alone and they stayed behind to die together. The baby survived. the spaceship landed in Kansa and was found by a couple who brought him up, without revealing his origins, they believed that the boy was destined to do great things for ordinary people. When Jerry woke up he wrote it in his notebook ,giving the superman the name Clark Kent. the next morning showed it to his friend Joe who was equally enthusiastic and started drawing great images for the superman, which they were published in the school comic magazine.

Then they became more ambitious. they wanted to find an established publisher to publish it. But nobody was interested, except from the publishers of action comics, jack liebowitz and harry Donnefeld who gave them 130 dollars for the copyrights without any time limitations. They had total control of the copyrights. They became multi-bimillionares, whereas Joe an Jerry died in poverty, despite their endless struggle to get a share of the dollars made by publishers Jerry out of sheer desperation writes his press-letter of curse.

Performed by, George eugeniou, Leigh hughes.

The play begins on the night of his death wnhen heas a hullucination, that his creation clark kent,the superman visits afte 37 years absence asking him to give him his last interview...superman's true story..
Performed by George eugeniou, Leigh hughes, Dorota Krimmel,
Panos Savvides, Poalo Corussi, Maroula Eugeniou and Sebastian.


An adaptation by George Eugeniou and Marios Hadjipanayi, of the samed named famous nover by Costas Varnalis, translated by stavros Lillitos

The Jury that had sentenced him to death by drinking hemlock.One of his students calls out to him that it was his turn to speak. Socrates wh o hd been lost in thought and fully aware of what was going on spoke with agility which reminded the jurors of his old drinking and fighting days.his face beamed and his body radiated strength and he was alert and full of confidence.he half-closed his shrewd and misgievous eyes and spoke....

Performed by Marios Hadjipanayi and Panos Savvides

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