BORN IN FLAMES (1983) - Sci-Fi Sundays

Deptford Cinema, London, SE8 4PQ
Sun 28th July 2019 3:30PM

Welcome to Sci-Fi Sundays at Deptford Cinema. Join us for an afternoon movie on the last Sunday of the month. With quarterly themes, our 2018/2019 programme delves into wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, Earthly welcomes, post-Earths, new flesh and everything in between when it comes to our favourite Science Fiction cinema.

Alongside each screening we’ve organised a little something extra; quizzes, short-films, panel discussions and much more.

Our third theme is DYSTOPIA, a science fiction topic that is often close to the bone.


We are delighted to present a rare screening of Lizzie Borden’s radical first feature film. Set in a near-future America where an ostensibly Socialist government has achieved power, Born in Flames, chronicles the fight against oppressive sexism and racism that still mars a self-proclaimed ‘progressive nation’.

Ten years after the Social Democratic War of Liberation a male-dominated government and mass media perpetuate a status-quo that permits harassment, violence and prejudice against women, LGBTQ and people of colour. While pirate radio stations challenge the state-sponsored media, and the ‘Women’s Army’ challenge harassment on the streets the fight back against oppression is nonetheless divided and disorganised. However, after the suspicious death of black activist and leader of the Women’s Army, Adelaide Norris, in police custody, the battle between the state and the oppressed intensifies. 

Presented in a faux documentary style mixing together newscasts, surveillance footage and talkshow clips, Borden produces a far-reaching and prescient film on a very limited budget. Born in Flames burns with a radical intensity; it is a compelling vision of the future and a damning reflection of our own times. It is a film long underseen but which remains as relevant and incendiary as ever. 

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Deptford Cinema, London, SE8 4PQ

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