Farewell... for now!

Fri 21st June 2019
Eaton House The Manor School, London, SW4 9RU
As you may know, David and I will move indefinitely to China in August. However, before we go I would like to invite you to my one-night-only goodbye concert.

The concert will take place at 58 Clapham Common Northside, London, SW4 9RU. The school doors will open at 6pm and the theatre will be accessible from 6.45pm. It will be a very intimate and relaxed event with guest artists and of course... ME! :-)

Please bring your own bottle and let's drink the night away. There will be mixers (orange juice, coca-cola and tonic) ice and cups available for you to use and make your own drinks (all auto-service).

There will be a 25 minute interval and the concert will end approximately at 8.45pm.

The concert is free of charge and it will be unallocated, so specific seats cannot be reserved. Please note this is an adults only event.

We strongly recommend you book your ticket in advance, as space is limited. You can show your e-ticket at the door, as there will be an usher to check it.

If you booked a ticket and cannot longer make it please let me know so I can cancel the ticket for you. Consequently we will make the ticket available to others.

I’d like you to grant me the honour of your presence, so we can say goodbye (for now) to London, and to you!

Google map static shot of Eaton House The Manor School, London, SW4 9RU
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