The Super Trail

Accrington Town Hall, Accrington, BB5 1LA
Sat 13th July 2019

Once upon a time there was a Super Ballroom which hosted a Super Hero Trail with some Super Gymnastics afterwards! But beware there may just be a Villain or two on the trail.

Create your own Super Hero and Villain adventure through Accringtonto find our hidden real life characters from your favourite comic strips.

Collect an autograph book and map from Accrington Town Hall and then venture out into the town to locate four Super Heros or maybe Super Villain characters.

Collect signatures and photo for each character, then return to the Town Hall to enjoy an hour of free Super themed gymnastics activities and have a go on our smoothie bike to create your own delicious Super Smoothie to take home.

Google map static shot of Accrington Town Hall, Accrington, BB5 1LA
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