Crazy Horses

Holybourne Theatre, Alton, GU34 4EL
Fri 4th October 2019 - Sat 12th October 2019
Heaven is in chaos; efficiency has been slipping in the Department of the Apocalypse and, on a consultant’s advice, God has the three Horsemen (and one Horsewoman) swap roles.

But that only brings its own set of problems. Famine has serious anger management issues, Death creates famine in unpopulated areas where no-one really notices anyway; War uses common-or-garden herbivores and slow-moving mammals to create pestilence; and Plague thinks good wardrobe sense, rather than guns, is a more constructive approach to settling one's differences.

Only one man can save the day....Satan!

* WARNING: This play contains strong language.
Google map static shot of Holybourne Theatre, Alton, GU34 4EL
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