We Happy Few

The Priory Playhouse, Arundel, BN18 9FA
Sat 17th August 2019 - Sat 24th August 2019

We Happy Few is a fictitious story inspired by the Osiris Players, Britain’s first all-female professional theatre company founded in 1927 and led until the early 1960s by the indomitable, director Nancy Hewins. Touring schools, towns and village halls throughout the country they presented cut down versions of the classic repertoire of plays - the second year of the war being their finest hour during which they put on 1,534 performances of 33 plays, 16 of them Shakespeare. Before and after the war, Oriris travelled in two Rolls Royces, one cream and white and one sheer black, Hewins maintained they were the only vehicles that could carry the scenery and costumes. During the war they battled with a horse and dray. The actual company was never any larger than seven and everybody did everything: acting, props, costumes, cooking and changing tyres!

Directed by Barry Jarvis

Google map static shot of The Priory Playhouse, Arundel, BN18 9FA
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