Instant & Eternity - Oriole Quartet

In his timeless work ‘Fratres’ Estonian composer Arvo Pärt aims to encapsulate ‘the instant and eternity {that} are struggling within us’.” The piece is scored for unspecified instrumentation and this is perhaps the first performance in this combination.
A firm favourite of the chamber music canon, Brahms wrote his clarinet trio for the virtuoso Richard Mühlfeld. It is a passionate and emotional dialogue between the three instruments which explores the extraordinary variation in colour.
As Hindemith had mastered virtually every orchestral instrument, it is only natural that he wrote his masterful 1938 Quartet for this unusual combination. It demonstrates Hindemith's great skill as an orchestrator and he uses his understanding of each of instruments and their various capabilities to great effect.Typical of his early years, Ravel's Sonatine is clear, light, and already indicative of his unique style in which he was able to use the traditional sonata form, yet avoid any clichés.

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