The Inventive Abbot - Théodora

This programme presents a musical homage to François Timoléon, abbé de Choisy (1644-1724). Transvestite, abbé and author, this contemporary of Louis XIV defied the social codes of his time and defended his freedom of action and belief. Although he was known for his extravagant manners and love of cross-dressing, his lifetime commitment to the religious orders never left him. An amateur chamber musician – he was proficient on the harpsichord and loved playing Chambonnières – de Choisy was also an enthusiastic thespian and entertained his guests with his theatrical talents. The programme echoes the many facets of this fascinating figure of 18th-century France, from the pious intimacy of the Leçons de Ténèbres to the pastoral drama of Rameau’s Berger Fidèle.
Théodora is an emerging Franco-English ensemble focusing on the performance of French and English Baroque repertoire.

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