In the Home of Leonardo

The whole family - from grandchildren to grandparents - is invited to Leonardo da Vinci’s imaginary home for some afternoon entertainment of music and games. Young members of the Rodolfus Choir will lead the merry-making with songs Leonardo might have heard and sung himself. After all, he is remembered as an excellent and skilled musician. He played the lira da braccio, an ancestor of the modern viola and often had musicians playing in his studio whilst painting.
Children are welcome to bring paper and pencils and follow in the master's footsteps. And all are more than welcome to sing along!
The Rodolfus Choir has established itself firmly over a period of thirty years as one of the leading young choirs in the United Kingdom. Members are all alumni of the famous Eton Choral Courses and some of the finest young singers in the country. Under the leadership of founder Ralph Allwood, the choir has become renowned for imaginative programming, innovative and exciting performances, as well as an extensive array of prestigious recordings.

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